Everywhere I go, there I am. I am cloaked by all my experiences, a patchwork of interconnected emotional divides and ecstatic moments. Frayed and worn bits and pieces are embedded into sturdy foundations. Luckily, wear and rough edges are surrounded by the endurance of a good chain stitch. Together, this beauty and fragility keeps me from forgetting where I’ve been, allowing me to stay present and grounded in my own humanity. I will change the direction of a painting many times only to realize that I am stifling my flaws and that until I allow my them to be celebrated I cannot complete my work.


Ellen Koment, Working Large October 2015

Virginia Headley Maserang, Intermediate Encaustic Techniques August 3013

Daniella Woolf, Encaustic Workshop Whidby Island, WA Summer 2012

Kristy Battani, Photo Transfer Workshop Austin, TX February 2011

Sharon Kyle Kuhn, Introduction to Encaustic Workshop November 2010

Austin Museum of Fine Art, Encaustic Workshop September 2010


International Encaustic Artists


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